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Description of home: Large family country estate in Labadie designed for an extended large family.
Reason home was remodeled: Home lacked both a large enough area to store everyday coats and a functional laundry room.
Most interesting project note: Took a unused screened porch and created an impressive usable area, this area contained a laundry area, large counters and abundant storage with a half bath.
Reason owner choose Bozdech Custom Homes: This was a previous client that wanted to expand on the outstanding projects and relationship.


This is the main home that sits on a large private estate that contains several horse and working barns and a couple other guest homes for the owners use. It is designed to be the gathering place for extended family functions but it lacked an area for coats, shoes and outdoor activity clothing.

The owners worked with Bozdech’s architect to convert a unused area to an functional area not only to collect and store riding and sporting equipment but serve as a second laundry room . This room also contained a half bath with its own door to the exterior. A outdoor shower was added with a large stone base for convenience.

The interior custom millwork and cabinets were designed to match or compliment the existing home. The alterations needed to match the homes unique interior and standards. Although the expectations were exceedingly high the project needed to be completed in a very tight time frame.