Description of home: Large family country estate in Labadie, MO.
Reason home was remodeled: Home lacked kitchen or sleeping area for a large family.
Highlights: Added a large kitchen with a dining area big enough for a table of fourteen, increased the number of bedrooms from two to six.
Reason owner choose Bozdech Custom Homes: This was a previous customer that wanted to expand on Bozdech’s commitment to excellence.


This is the main home that sits on a large private estate that contains several horse and working barns. The home was originally designed for a couple with no children and lacked a large kitchen or sleeping  areas. The owners worked with Bozdech’s architect to add an addition on for a larger kitchen and dining area, bedrooms and then convert some unused space for more bedrooms and recreational areas.

The new addition and finishes needed to match the existing details of exposed post and beam construction both inside and out. The patina of the existing wood surfaces required custom matching and blending from the professional painter. Upgraded heating, plumbing and electrical systems needed to be integrated seamlessly into existing systems. The alterations needed to match the homes unique interior and standards.

Although the expectations were exceedingly high the project needed to be completed in a very tight time frame. Exceptionally pleased with the final results, the owners commented, “I observed the worked being done but no one can tell this home was ever added on to!”