kitchen remodel

kitchen remodel

kitchen remodel


Description of home: Built 40 years ago in an older area of St. Louis county.
Reason home was remodeled: Home is in an area of very expensive homes, but had an outdated floor plan in the kitchen and living areas.
Description of work completed: Rooflines were reworked, dormers were added and the front porch and sidewalk were redone. A coffered ceiling was added in the dining room and the kitchen was gutted and replaced. Commercial appliances and granite counters were installed in the kitchen, and a new circle top window was added over the sink. Hardwood floors were added throughout.
Highlights: The updated design of the living room used some of the rustic beams native to the post-WWII home to highlight the new vaulted ceiling in the living room. The original construction of this home was all masonry, with concrete block interior and exterior walls. We were able to create an upscale look that was more suited to the neighborhood even with the construction difficulties the masonry walls added to the construction process.
Reason owner chose Bozdech Custom Homes: The owner received bids from multiple contractors and came to the conclusion that their remodeling requirements were greater than their budget. In the end, Bozdech’s hands-on approach brought the project within reach of their budget. Bozdech Custom Homes was also recommended by friends.


With the right touch, even a neighborhood’s ugly duckling can become an eye-catching swan. This transformation becomes all the more surprising when one learns the home is constructed of concrete block.> When other’s estimates came in way over budget and modifying the block construction seemed cost-prohibitive, Bozdech took up the challenge – and then turned on the home’s charm.

Curb appeal was given a boost by eye-appealing dormers and an airy front porch.

The interior is light-filled and equally light-hearted. As a grace note, the old roof supporting timbers make a fresh appearance as distinctive, exposed ceiling beams.

Elegant and practical, this home shows that even plain homes can be reborn as neighborhood beauties. It also finds the truth in the old saying, “Pretty is as pretty does.”