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Description of home: 16 years old, a single unit condo in a mid-sized, upper-end development.
Reason home was remodeled: Home was lived in but never updated.
Description of work completed: Hearth room was created in an existing breakfast area, moving an exterior wall out three feet and adding the fireplace and bookcases. Kitchen was reworked using existing cabinetry, adding wood counters and moldings. The openings were changed in the dining, living and hearth rooms. Windows were removed and double doors added in the great room. Beams and fireplace were reworked in the great room. Beaded board was added to the coffered ceilings in the master bedroom.
Highlights: An interior decorator was employed to facilitate selections and to give the home a “French country” feel. Available materials and methods helped bring this job to a quick conversion based on a limited timeframe and budget.
Reason owner chose Bozdech Custom Homes: Bozdech has known this family and has done other work for them and their relatives.


There comes a time when many people wish to consolidate their living space and move closer to stores and services. As this project shows, in the right hands, the move to downsized living can be decidedly upscale.

That was the goal in upgrading a fairly typical condo into a distinctive French country retreat.

Working with the condominium association, Bozdech was able to bump out an exterior wall, making way for a centerpiece hearth room. New wood moldings, French doors and a beaded, coffered master bedroom ceiling created a luxury look.

Although the impression is lavish, this project was performed on a budget and within a limited timeframe. This allowed the team to demonstrate what magic they could work with available materials and timesaving techniques. By combining French style and all-American ingenuity, the home proves itself “tres magnifique”.