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custom built poolhouse

custom built poolhouse

custom built poolhouse


Description of home: Chesterfield home with a existing pool.
Reason home was remodeled: Pool area was expanded to be more functional.
Project details: Added a large pool house, replaced existing retaining walls, added large outdoor fireplace and updated the pool and deck
Reason owner choose Bozdech Custom Homes: Bozdech had completed a couple of smaller interior projects for customer with great success.


Starting with an existing pool that had outdated retaining walls and a small pool deck the owners wanted to transform the area into an updated gathering space for a large group of children and adults. This included: a pool house with kitchen, bathroom with steam shower, TV room, and a veranda , a patio area with an outdoor wood burning fireplace and remove existing block retaining walls and replace with a retaining wall using hand selected stones.

Other revisions to the home included making structural corrections to work previously completed by other contractors. The owners also wanted to use the area most of the time during construction so accommodations had to be created to make this happen.

Bozdech’s architect worked out a design for the pool house and a landscape architect created the pool, outdoor fireplace and retaining wall renovations. The pool was modified with a pebble interior and a large stamped decking was completed. The site had very limited access and all material had to be transported in very limited conditions to prevent any damage to adjoining properties. All concrete was pumped into the location from the street. Not only were expectations exceeded, the family did not lose out on a summer of fun.

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