Building a custom home is a challenge and requires a significant commitment from all parties involved. Many home builders do not have the patience and expertise to build custom homes and, instead, choose to focus on building “tract” or “spec” homes.

At Bozdech Custom Homes, we enjoy the challenge of transforming our vision and goals into a real, tangible home as unique as you. Our process of building your custom home consists of small, manageable steps to ensure you do not become overwhelmed by the building process.

This process includes:

Some clients know exactly what they want from day one, while others are not so sure. Our job is to get to know you and your family better. We work closely with you to fully understand your vision, goals, and desired features so we can define a direction. Communication and active listening are critical to the success of this project and it starts from the very beginning of the project.

Design and Planning
During this phase we will begin to nail down the details of your plan including specifics on architecture, landscaping, and other desired features. This phase also includes site visits and lot reviews.

Specifications and Budgeting
For many clients, this phase is the most fun. You’ll begin to see your concepts and ideas become reality as we further define specifications and finishes, material sources and other specifications. This is also a critical phase in establishing your budget and final vision.

The actual build of the home occurs during this phase. We’re committed to delivering on time and exceeding your quality expectations. As always, we actively communicate with you about the status of the project.

Once the build is completed, we’ll perform a homeowner walk-through together to ensure that we’ve met every one of your requirements as well orient you to your home’s features.

Bozdech Custom Homes is committed to excellence in every detail. That means we’ll be here for you to make sure all systems and materials are performing as desired and to provide support as needed.

To learn more about our experience and how Bozdech Custom Homes can help you achieve your dream, contact us online or call 636-734-4308. Andy Bozdech will personally speak with you to learn the scope of your dream project and timeline.