bathroom remodel

bathroom remodel

bathroom remodel


Description of home: A single-family, two-story home, originally built in 1980.
Reason home was remodeled: This home had an unusually shaped master bedroom with an extremely small master bath.
Description of work completed: Master bathroom and bedroom were gutted and reworked.
Highlights: His and hers closets were added on each side of a master bathroom. Separate toilet room, shower and jetted tub were added. Plumbing was totally redone to meet the new plan. Tiled floors, shower and tub deck along with a frameless shower door were installed. His and hers sinks were incorporated into the adult height vanity. This job had to be completed in a three-week timeframe while owners occupied the home.
Reason owner chose Bozdech Custom Homes: They were impressed with other Bozdech custom homes.


Master bath suites are today’s must-have. But what if the home you love has a master bath that’s something less than masterful?

Bozdech Custom Homes knows exactly what it takes to turn a bathroom from basic to breathtaking. In this instance, the team borrowed from the very spacious bedroom to carve out a comforting retreat.

All the necessary amenities were added, from a frameless shower to a decked, jetted tub. A separate toilet room provides privacy and enhances flexibility.

New plumbing ensures that the room is as worry-free and convenient as the feeling it conveys. Spanning the transition from awkward space to awesome, this new suite is a masterwork of modern functionality and good taste.